Paco Robanne Invictus Legend Eau De Parfum For Him

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Top notes: Metallic Accord, Geranium
Heart notes: Solar Salty Accord, Laurel, Grapefruit
Base notes: Mead, Red Amber, Guaïac Wood
Scent: Woody
Launch date: 2019
The burning desert. A wild convoy, the ultimate challenge. INVICTUS LEGEND. A blazing duel between fresh adrenaline and hot woods. Thrilling like victory.
INVICTUS LEGEND. The ultimate hero. Made for glory. Intense spicy-woody. On fire. Two forces clash: fresh adrenaline and hot powerful woods. First force, the temperature's rising. Metallic geranium, green laurel, salty grapefruit. The freshness invigorated with spices flaming. The second heat wave is unexpected. Like a desert inferno of smoky gaiac wood, red amber and addictive honey. On all sides, maximum exhilaration. Sensual full-force.