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Mystery Eyes by Girluxx

Mystery Eyes  Coloured Soft Contact Lenses by Girluxx
We are committed to providing our customers  with high quality, safe, soft, natural cosmetic contact lenses at unbeatable prices. What better product to be able to buy in five colours for the same price as one colour.
We promise our cheaper pricing does come at the expense  of safety or quality. Mystery EyesTM  is an EU CE, CFDA & ISO 13485 compliant brand proving they are one of the very safest contacts to wear.
Although we predominantly offer yearly contact lenses, we also offer quarterly, monthly, or daily coloured contacts. If you have any questions or queries regarding  our contact lenses by Mystery Eyes, or any of our products, then please feel free to contact one of our team, who will be pleased to assist you. We can be contacted through our contact form.

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